Q. How much do the events cost
A. Each event includes lunch, golf, dinner, competitions & prizes and most events range between $200 and $300 per person

Q. How many guests can I bring?
A. The number of people that you can register depends on your membership type. Our basic membership types allow you to register the following amounts of people…
Individual membership: up to 1 member + 3 guests (4 people or 1 group in total)
Par membership: up to 2 members + 3 guests each (8 people or 2 groups in total)
Birdie membership: up to 3 members + 3 guests each (12 people or 3 groups in total)
Eagle membership: up to 4 members + 3 guests each (16 people or 4 groups in total)
We can also customise memberships depending on your situation – ask us for details.

Q. Do I need an official handicap?
A. No. We maintain non-official “Business Golf Group handicaps” for our members and guests can use official, social or a fair estimate of their handicap.